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Global Financial Ventures Limited
International Finance Specialists


Kindly review what few of our clients say:

"Having  engaged in international trade and finance since 1987, I believe I am qualified to accurately and validly endorse deserving business entities.  As a principal of two successful companies, Patco International Wholesalers, Inc., and most recently EQ Labs, LLC, a company that is now publicly-traded, I have worked with GF Ventures, UK on fund raising projects, and have always received excellent professional service.  Through this progressive and well-managed company, we have engaged in successful projects facilitated by Mr. Mattheos and his associates.  In each instance, the terms, conditions, and procedures have been clearly defined as a result of their commitment to due diligence and transparency from all parties involved.  When you work with GF Ventures, UK, there have never been any hidden agendas or last-minute surprises. We knew and were able to effectively articulate to our associates what to expect and the time line for realizing success.  Needless to say, Mr. Mattheos and his company pride themselves in demanding the same requirements of others that they impose on themselves - honesty, integrity, and dignity for those they serve.   GF Ventures, UK personifies the essentials for a bona fide "international" organization. Their acceptance and respect for cultural differences enable them to effectively consummate transactions with clients across the globe. Any party that is serious about working with a qualified financial services organization will be remiss if they fail to (at minimum) consult with GF Ventures, UK. I welcome any and all inquiries, questions, or concerns regarding this unique company".

Robert H. "Bob" Fain III
VP of Operations & COO
EQ Labs, LLC
Las Vegas, Nevada - USA


Amvest has worked with Leo Mattheos at GFVentures UK LTD for several years and I must say that they have the highest integrity and loyalty to their clients and partners. In a world of scam artists especially in the financing area it is so refreshing to work with people of such high caliber and unblemished reputation. Leo and GFVentures are great to work with and they do a great job of working with their clients and finding reasonable solutions to their financing and other needs.

Amvest seldom works with other firms or recommend them because we will not take a chance on working with or referring clients to people and firms that are not above reproach.We have worked with Leo for several years and we could not have been more happy with our relationship. They are extremely knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and are continually exploring new and viable sources of financing.

I would highly recommend them as you will find them to be upon reproach.

Warmest Regards, Charlie

Charles K. Oppenheimer
President & CEO
Post Office Box 1590
Independence, MO 64055
816 461-3312 Ext. 301
Fax 816 461-4644
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