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Application Formats & Fees StructurePage

We welcome initially an application from the client with a brief synopsis of his transaction and a meeting or conference call.

If the project/transaction have the ingredients we want to see and can fit in principle general funding/investment criteria then we require the client to submit a standard Global Financial Ventures Limited application form and provide supporting documentation if required at this stage.

We now enter in to a due diligence and correspondence process with our associates / specialists and we expect the client to consider any process we would demonstrate and furnish us the necessary info we require.

If our credit/equity funders/investors/Investment bankers want to go ahead with the transaction we require the client to sign a funds raising agreement.

We may require fees like retainer   or commitment fee or due diligence fee including closing fees at certain stage of the funding process after the client acknowledges and agrees with terms and conditions of a term sheet /raising fees agreement. We do not require what many clients call upfront fees .At this stage official verification of all the corporate documentation consist of legal, operational ,financial and technical  nature of the company applicant for corporate finance take place.

Global Financial Ventures Limited in cooperation with our associates/investors/Investment bankers works to produce a term sheet describing the funding procedure with terms and conditions apply.

The client would consider and decide if he wants to go ahead with his transaction .Client accepts,negotiates or reject the funding process/proposal if do not meet his expectations.

If client do not accept the specific funding process/structure we try to work out any alternative within specific period of time..

We never want to receive fees from clients for work we can not justify/perform and benefit the client.

We do not expect the client to hide their financial/legal situation and withdraw their application while they have been informed about the financial requirements they may face in the process and after we already submitted their application to our underwriters / funders / investors.

We expect our clients to cooperate with us all the way until that stage we either can not produce them any funding solution or we have completed partially or fully any funding process we started.

We do not want clients who want to engage our services for shopping a deal.

Of course we can recognize legitimate reasons for withdrawal from a funding process like change of circumstances / sudden change of management, external factors affect the current financial and operational structure of the company / physical / global financial disasters.

All of our associates/ financial groups/investors who structure and provide financing are legitimate Groups to provide investment / lending facilities and have proven track record of closed transactions we disclose to our clients before they enter to any funding process with those providers.

We look for longterm relationship with our clients. We wish all success with your present activities.

We welcome you describe your proposal/funding enquiry/need for specific financial services in one of the following applications as per the nature of your corporate transaction:

You can check with our office what is the appropriate document to complete.

Download application:

Application for corporate finance

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