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What to present and say to the investors

What are investors interested in?

Investors tend to focus on these key areas:

  • Return on their investment. This is driven by factors such as the quality of your team, market size and your ability get some of it, and the quality of your product. 
  • Your achievements to date, including strategic alliances, prototypes and sales. 
  • Your key competitive advantage. 
  • Your global marketing strategy 
  • How much money you want. 
  • How it will be used.

Also be ready for questions. Will you solve some key problem? Are you breaking new ground? You must present the vision and opportunity. 

Call in the experts

To make a professional and polished presentation, you need to call in experts, including:

  • Legal and financial advisors – this is essential, to make sure you don’t offer or claim anything illegal. 
  • A designer – the more professional your presentation looks the better. 
  • A proof-reader – you need to make sure there are no spelling mistakes or wrong numbers.

Experts cost money but consider how much you’re asking for.
Everything depends upon the investor. 
Remember at some stage investors will want to exit. You must spell out how this is going to happen in your presentation.
If you are unsuccessful, use the experience to further refine your presentation. One company was successful on its 26th pitch.

Ten tips for a powerful pitch

  1. Focus on your vision and the business opportunity rather than on your product or service. 
  2. Do thorough preparation, and research who you are presenting to. 
  3. Tell the investor something they don’t know. Leave out what they already know. 
  4. Keep it simple, avoid technical terms, maintain clarity – and be succinct. Use diagrams or flow charts where possible. 
  5. If you are not a confident speaker hand your presentation over to a suitable team member or get presentation training. 
  6. Provide an overview of the management team. A survey has shown lack of team experience to be the most common reason for investors rejecting proposals. 
  7. Address other common investor concerns, such as: the wrong business focus for the investor, market too small, poor strategy, easy entry industry for competitors to copy, no competitive advantage, you want too much for your business, the timing of the business (ie, is there a growing market for your product or service?). 
  8. Offer a one-page brief (an information memorandum) that summarises your pitch. Bullet points are fine. 
  9. Be able to explain the essence of your business in three minutes – the 'elevator pitch'. 
  10. Rehearse your presentation and don’t leave anything to the last minute.
Finally - do your homework on the investor you are presenting to. And raise the issues of working with the investor and an exit strategy for the investor.

Global Financial Ventures Limited is in position to assist you with preparation of relevant documentation and coaching regarding your written and verbal presentation to the investors or lender/bank you are talking with and willing to receive private placement or loans.


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