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TCP Private Placements

We know where the money is and bring it to you.

Most real estate projects require substantial amounts of equity and debt.

Considering the extensive backgrounds of the TCP Principals in the banking, financing, and institutional management fields, the Firm is well qualified to identify and procure capital of all kinds to facilitate the successful completion of assignments. These services are usually performed as part of a larger set of tasks. In some cases however, the Firm may focus strictly on the capital formation needs of a client. 

Because of the broad nature of its contacts and experience, TCP arranges equity and debt capital across the entire risk spectrum. This includes mortgage debt, mezzanine debt, conventional equity capital, and co-investment equity. As is the case with investments, the Firm brings this expertise to its clients as an advisor or as a principal, not as a broker. As appropriate, the Company may invest its capital or the capital of its principals alongside the capital of its clients.

Private Placements

The public debt or equity markets are a time-honored road to raise fresh capital. However, depending on the unique circumstances of your business, the private placement market can be an attractive alternative route to secure financing for capital expenditures, restructurings, buyouts, or M&A activity.

Put simply, private placements involve the direct sale of debt or equity securities to banks, insurance companies, investment firms, or high net-worth individuals. TCP has strong, long-term relationships with a variety of private market investors and can provide advice, execution and documentation expertise to to help an issuer throughout the process. As a result, our partners helped generate nearly $1.2 billion in private placement financing for clients in 2010. 

If your company would benefit from debt or equity financing that involves minimal regulatory and reporting requirements, contact a TCP professional today.

Private Debt Placements

We offer a complete range of fixed-income private placement products. These include senior and junior secured notes, senior unsecured notes, subordinated notes and credit-tenant lease (CTL) financing. Maturities typically range from 3 to 30 years.

Private Equity Placements

We work with private investors who provide private mezzanine or equity capital for companies. This may involve placements in preferred stock, convertible preferred stock, and common stock. In order to ensure a good fit, your TCP professional will gather extensive detail about your company's strategic and financial requirements before structuring a deal with a private equity/mezzanine provider.


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