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Global Financial Ventures Limited
International Finance Specialists

Investment Banking and M&A With USA Companies

Our  partner a boutique investment banking firm in USA specializing in mergers, acquisitions, public and private divestitures, management buyouts, acquisition searches, private equity,  financing, including real estate, turnarounds and other corporate finance matters.  

It is an  investment banking firm that specializes in mergers and acquisitions and has served its clients for over twenty-seven years. It has represented both buyer and seller clients with sales ranging from $20 million to over $6 billion seeking to sell a company or division, or to acquire one company or several in a consolidation or a buy-and-build program. It frequently conducts targeted acquisition searches for buy-side clients in order to provide proprietary deal flow. In addition offers turnaround services, debt financing, private equity, management buyouts, strategic planning and other corporate finance services.

Their  team have unique experience as merger and acquisition professionals. In addition to advising clients, many have been involved with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other corporate finance services for themselves, with their own money and future at stake. They have already experienced the situations we advise our clients.

Today many privately held companies, as well as large diversified corporations, are contemplating their future. Their owners, officers and investors are asking questions about the future. Should we sell, divest, diversify, expand through acquisition, consider a management buyout, or recapitalize the company? Does every division meet our long term focus and expectations? How can we plan for succession, for retirement, estate planning and our families' futures? We will assist in making these decisions and help execute that decision.

It   operates throughout the United States  and in Mexico and Europe through its  affiliates and partners . We are happy to work along with your other professional advisors. 

They are ready to use their  know how  to work for you with  many  years of experience, innovation, creativity, extensive contacts and database. We will move quickly, professionally and confidentially to serve your needs and meet your objectives.

Whether selling the family business, divesting a subsidiary, or embarking on an acquisition, why not add a professional investment banker to your team today?

Particularly we can perform the following type of transactions for USA companies who are connecting or no with Companies out of USA.

Buyers Seeking Acquisitions

Selling Privately Held Companies

Corporate Divestitures



Private Equity Partners

Privatizing Public Companies

Initial Public Offering Advisory 

Succession Planning 

Management Buyouts 

Keep/Sell Decisions 

Higher Prices Received When Using An Advisor 

Pre-Sale Positioning 

Recasting Financial Statements To Show Real Value 

Marketing A Company in USA

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