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Global Financial Ventures Limited
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CEO's Message

Global Financial Ventures Limited aims to provide innovative corporate and project funding solutions that solve complex problems  by introducing a range of financial products available to both corporations of any size, and individual investors that meet the demands of today's challenging markets. Global Financial Ventures  directly partner with investment banks,equity funds,banks,private investors  who together possess decades of experience with expertize in the areas of investment and merchant banking, Pre and IPO funding for different international exchanges in USA/UK/Canada, Mergers & aquisitions


We believe that our long term professional experience and our relationships in the investment international community can help you save time and money at raising capital.We are interested to work directly with principal owners of business and our aim is to assist you find the right type of funding solution  meeting your short and long term corporate objectives. 

Our client's success is our success.

We wish the best to all visitors of this site.

Best Regards

Leo Mattheos CEO 

Global Financial Ventures Limited





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